The Lesters
A Toronto-based jazz trio featuring Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster.

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Musical accomplices for over fifteen years, The Lesters have been accused by some of living in the past. A common love of timeless songwriting and classic jazz has long kept this vocal trio exploring arrangements and playing for appreciative audiences whenever the opportunity strikes. Paying tribute to favourites like the King Cole Trio, Ray Charles and Fats Waller, The Lesters draw from a broad range of influences and have been known to occasionally unleash original music on an unsuspecting crowd. Featuring pianist Jeff Ulster, Murray Foster on bass and Tory Cassis on guitar and vocals, The Lesters like to offer something old, something new.

Meet The Band

A Toronto-based vocal jazz trio featuring Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster
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Tory Cassis

guitar, vocals
Tory Cassis is a Juno-nominated artist and a refreshingly original singer, songwriter, guitarist, trumpeter and storyteller.
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Murray Foster

upright bass
Best known for his role in the bands Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea, Murray Foster is a multi-talented songwriter, musician, and producer.
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Jeff Ulster

Jeff Ulster is a skilled pianist who studied arranging and performance at the Berklee College of Music.


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