The Lesters
A Toronto-based trio featuring Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster.

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THE LESTERS (Tory Cassis on vocals and guitar, Murray Foster on upright bass and Jeff Ulster on piano) were friends and musical accomplices before they were bandmates. About fifteen years ago they decided to get together to ‘jam’ a few old jazz standards - several Nat King Cole, Fats Waller and Cole Porter songs later, THE LESTERS was born.

After over a decade of playing vocal jazz standards of the 1930’s and 40’s, the three musicians - all accomplished songwriters - decided to start writing for the band. With a blend of folk and pop, THE LESTERS draw their inspiration from songwriters ranging from Paul Simon and Norah Jones to Radiohead, Tom Waits and Ray Lamontagne, subtly influenced by 30’s and 40’s jazz and with a sonic foundation of piano, acoustic guitar and double bass underpinning their soulful music.

The result is THE PROMISE, their long-awaited debut EP. Featuring six songs lovingly crafted over four days at Blue Rodeo’s studio The Woodshed in Toronto, THE PROMISE is the sound of three experienced songwriters exploring their collective voice as a band.

Meet The Band

A Toronto-based trio featuring Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster
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Tory Cassis

guitar, vocals
Tory Cassis is a Juno-nominated artist and a refreshingly original singer, songwriter, guitarist, trumpeter and storyteller.
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Murray Foster

upright bass
Best known for his role in the bands Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea, Murray Foster is a multi-talented songwriter, musician, and producer.
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Jeff Ulster

Jeff Ulster is a skilled pianist who studied arranging and performance at the Berklee College of Music.

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